Why You Should Travel Just For Massages

November 14, 2016

I will admit one of my ambitions is to get to the point financially, professionally, and personally where I can walk through immigration of almost any foreign country. When they ask why I’m visiting, I would just say “lunch”. Nothing else. No overnight stay. I just felt like the sushi in Tokyo, real Italian food, authentic Greek, or any number of cuisines accessible to someone who has the ability to travel exclusively for a meal.

I’m not quite there yet, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other perks to me traveling. My affinity for cupcakes is well known, but I also take advantage of the $5-6 massages in Southeast Asia. If you are someone who enjoys a good shiatsu from time to time, I’d suggest the following: never, ever pay for a $60-100 massage in North America or Europe. Set that money aside and find a $500-700 roundtrip ticket to Bali, to Thailand, to the Philippines (even cheaper there) and get your massage fix on the beach, as befitting a proper traveler.

“Massage” by HAMZA BUTT

Let’s do the math. If you’re someone who likes a massage twice a month, then that’s potentially $120-200 every month, $1440-2400 over the year. Not only is that incredibly extravagant, it’s just not practical: for $2000, you can live like a king in Bali for weeks with the nicest hotel, food, and massages in your room if you like. Of course, there are places here that charge more, but rarely over 30 USD.

Travelers tend to think this way after enough time structuring their lives around the next trip. Massages are simply one example. Think of the cost next time you order a coffee from Starbucks: $3-5/cup twice a day, five days a week = $200/month. Or the next time you eat out for $15-30 instead of cooking from home. Every dollar adds up, and can mean more time in paradise. Wouldn’t you rather be somewhere where the grass is greener?

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