Why the World Would be Better Off Without Trump and his Supporters

September 14, 2017

Despite me repeatedly telling them to stop, my parents continue to forward pointless emails. Most of them are harmless feel good stories or some news back in Texas, but recently their idea of what I would find inspiring is a little disturbing.

They forwarded a video about a WWII veteran coming to terms with someone in his family marrying a Japanese women and hearing a similar reaction coming from the Japanese family. Essentially, it’s a story about overcoming prejudice and racism. I admit I thought it was a decent topic to forward, until I looked into the email chain and found this comment:

this is why we stand and honor the people who gave everything so idiot Kappernick [sp] can sit during the national anthem. Kiss my grits you ungrateful piece of garbage

The worst part about all of this isn’t the fact that a conservative in Texas made a racist comment – that’s like calling water wet at this point – but that she was completely oblivious to the hypocrisy of her words. Obviously racism is bad, which is why she enjoyed watching the video. But obviously racism doesn’t exist for black people, which is why Colin Kaepernick is an “idiot” for protesting the oppression of people of color.

At their very best, Trump supporters are exactly like this woman: believing themselves to be peaceful people on one hand while having no problem with slapping someone silly with the other if they dare question anything in which they believe. At their worst – which isn’t too far off – they actively promote a racist agenda and play it off as though normal people are the ones who aren’t seeing the truth, e.g. watching “fake news”.

I don’t know what it’s like to be colorblind, but imagine trying to argue with someone who is. One person can look at the color blue and know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is seeing yellow. Without the wisdom of knowing the condition of his eyes, he will forever believe everyone else is crazy, despite the fact the color is blue and will always be blue.

Trump supporters are no different, staring at blue and seeing yellow (or, in their case, red):
– Climate change isn’t happening… but what about the prediction there would be increases in storms’ size and intensity in addition to extensive droughts, causing wildfires? We can see those firsthand now… Nope, just a liberal conspiracy to undermine the economy.
– Trump only has the best interest of the US in mind… but then why wouldn’t he put his businesses into a blind trust like every other American president has done and why would he actively use his position to increase his wealth…? You’re just too stupid to understand! MAGA!

At this point, standing by the president’s side isn’t a matter of political differences or ideological viewpoints. The argument to be made is simple moral: right vs. wrong. Sane vs. crazy. Good and evil.

I’ve been one of those people who stated that despite the fact Trump supporters’ only make up about 25% of the United States, we shouldn’t be so quick to write them off as lost. There will be ways to engage with them and come to a consensus.

I was wrong. The Trump administration has been self-serving, often crazy, and downright cruel in its decisions: supporting Nazis, banning transgender people from the military, attempting to repeal national healthcare without a plan, leaving DACA recipients in dangerous legal limbo.

The fact that Trump is doing this is bad enough, but his supporters don’t even balk. They don’t question anything he does. All they can focus on are Trump’s face and red hats, never mind what reality tells them. They admit there is literally nothing Trump could do that would make them stop supporting him, and if condoning the events in Charlottesville was any indication, they certain stand by that statement.

To that end, the country as a whole truly would be better off without these people. I say this without anger, without a sense of retribution. Simply looking at the reality of our situation, the United States would be a better place if Trump’s supporters had never been born in the first place to worsen the country with their ignorance and hateful ideas.

A pleasing thought, isn’t it? This idea that we could wave a magic wand or have a wish granted and suddenly millions of people whose sole purpose in life seems to be keeping others down would instantly vanish. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a matter of ideology, but survival of the country and the species as a whole. By propping up a narcissist, Trump supporters are contributing to the destruction of the planet in denying climate change, which must be addressed immediately. They are under the false impression dying industries like coal mining and the jobs that came with them will return, when in fact the future is in information technology and renewable energy.

Nothing can stop progress, not even a stubborn and powerful group like Trump supporters, but they can slow it down enough to ensure millions or billions suffer as a result: The Great Barrier Reef can be damaged beyond repair; African Americans can be gunned down with impunity because of Trump’s endorsement of such behavior; North Korea can launch a nuclear weapon towards the United States simply because Trump lacks any restraint or maturity.

If the world were to wake up tomorrow and find Trump and his supporters had vanished into the ether, it wouldn’t be a utopia. There would still be violence, injustice, and differences of opinion… but it would be a better place for all of us.

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