What’s in my Korean Wallet?

July 30, 2011


Just a short look into what your life in South Korea may hold. After all, the contents of one’s wallet or purse can tell you a great deal about the individual. Is he all business? Nothing but pleasure? I got the idea from EXPAT Hell (read with a grain of salt).

What’s in my wallet?

1. Korean alien registration card, required of all residents

2. Suhyup Bank debit card, only for use in Korea

3. Bank of America debit card; I only use it to withdraw cash if I’m really desperate

4. ECY Kids Land business card, in case I’m unable to speak and authorities need to contact my boss

5. Two Seoul T-Money cards, for use on the subway and bus system

6. Bus timetable from Dongseoul Bus Terminal (동서울) to Uljin (울진)

7. 59,000 Won, cash

8. Chase credit card – only for emergencies

9. Deokgu Spa World discount cards

As for the wallet itself, I’m rather proud of it: Mighty Wallet. These particular wallets are made of Tyvek, rendering them pretty much indestructible to everything save scissors. I’ve had mine since Christmas and feel it’s the best fit for me; unfortunately, I have so many leftover business cards from the US I’m leaving in my other wallet until I return home. The Mighty Wallet’s design is that of a map of Alaska, making it invulnerable to stupid thieves. You may laugh, but I had my bag rifled through at the Boryeong Mud Festival. The only thing of value in there was my wallet, which, I think thanks to the map design, was left untouched.

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One Response to What’s in my Korean Wallet?

  1. danielle on August 5, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Awesome wallet! I’m sold. I’m going to buy one for myself and one for my boyfriend.
    Love your blog!

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