Travel Wish List for 2013

May 2, 2013

I suppose it’s a little late to be writing this in May, but as the weather in Texas is cold and rainy, you’re stuck listening to whatever bit of travel advice I can dish out. Mwah ha ha ha… ha.

Tomorrow I should have a better sense of how I’m going to spend the rest of the year. I’ve applied for jobs, volunteer programs, random vacations, and opportunities to see friends. As much for myself as anyone else, I’m going to write these in order of preference.


International Volunteer Recruiter

This position would have me travel around the US and Canada (and, should things go well, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand… possibly Japan and South Korea, but that’s reaching) to sign university students for Reach Out Volunteers programs across the globe.

Although this wouldn’t start until August, it would be ideal to join the program: meeting travel-minded people, paid opportunities to travel, and speaking passionately about travel and voluntourism. The only issue is what to do between now and August…

VISIONS Tour Leader

There are many teen travel programs offering high schoolers the chance to travel abroad for 1-4 weeks during the summer. I applied for one and should hear back by tomorrow whether they want me to lead a group through Cambodia.

Teaching in Peru

Trolling Dave’s ESL Cafe’s job postings has its advantages. I may not have heard back from positions in Turkey, but one school in Arequipa, Peru gave me a firm offer to teach for six months.

Why is this appealing? I still haven’t stepped foot on South America, and Peru and Brazil are at the top of my travel list. Macchu Picchu, the Nazca Lines (I love archeoastronomy), Iguazu Falls… all of it. The downside is: should I accept this position, I won’t be able to do my first two choices. I may be in a position to run a marathon on the Incan Trail…

Designing Japan Tours in Boulder, Colorado

I’ve just about given up hope on hearing back from this job, but I’d like to think I’m overqualified for designing custom Japan tours for American tourists. Not only would I be doing something I love, but I’d also have the chance to stay in Boulder and not deal with visa issues.

Marketing Tours

Through my marketing connections I’m pretty much a shoo-in for a traveling one-man tour van going to different cities across the US and promoting organic ice cream. Although the product is appealing and there are opportunities to travel, it would still likely be soul-sucking work. Not only that, but it’s a six-month commitment, at the end of which I’d most likely do the same stressful campaign I did last year in San Francisco out of desperation. Good money, decent travel opportunities, but not exactly high on the list.

Temple Stay

After my work as the caretaker of a Buddhist monastery in New Zealand, I learned of a forest monastery in the redwoods of California under the same tradition. Abhayagiri is a good place to get away from the noise of the world, meet good people, and do decent physical labor. Although I do find myself drained trying to maintain my running schedule on one meal a day, I think it’s good for everyone to be out in nature for an extended time.

What Else?

I’ve got a long list, sure not to be complete this year. Run a marathon in Antarctica. Climb Kilimanjaro and Everest. Stay in the Maldives with a SO. Soak in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Neverending. This year, if I can reach even one country in Central of South America, I’ll be satisfied.

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  1. Meagan on May 23, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Really happy to have come across your blog today! Loving your list. Looking forward to keeping up with your adventures! 😀

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