July 15, 2012

Avoid Common Running Injuries

I need to be extremely careful in the coming weeks so as to avoid injury. My last serious workout in San Francisco was Fleet Feet’s Divis Up or Shut Up challenge in the Marina, which left my legs sore for three days… I still hope to do a few more loops in October to get the free T-shirt. I traveled to the redwoods a few days later and couldn’t do my daily run with the strict monastery schedule and the change in diet (really draining eating only one meal a day). Since my training was already out of whack, I didn’t see any problem in just going straight from shoes to Vibram Fivefingers.

That’s where I am now. Back in Austin, training on Town Lake trail in the Vibrams daily. The only problem is, my legs are still used to going a lot longer, and dropping my distance down to under 3 km daily is torture on my fitness. It’s still not enough. I should be going 1 km maximum daily for the first week or risk getting another stress fracture. Runners call it TMTS, Too Much Too Soon. The temptation to do more than our legs and feet will allow. Even knowing this and experiencing the consequences firsthand, I feel terrible for taking such a step back in my training.

In the end, I know it’ll be for the best.

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