The Disadvantages of Traveling Alone

January 31, 2011

Why travel with others? I can think of a few reasons.

Dining out

I’ve been facing this problem with restaurants in my small town in South Korea. Although you can find plenty of places willing to accommodate one, the majority of those in my area only offer food portions for a group of two or more. One of my favorites won’t even serve me when I’m flying solo.

No one to watch your bags

This is an under-appreciated comfort. Take it from someone who has hauled two backpacks and a lumpy duffel bag around Thailand. Being able to shuck off the bags before entering a bathroom; getting something to eat without a burden on your shoulders.


Yes, on to the more practical aspects of traveling in groups: safety. There is always strength in numbers. Whether you’re a single woman uncomfortable with walking down unfamiliar city streets at night (or during the day), or a man a bit naïve about the cons and dangers of traveling certain countries, having others with you significantly improves your chances of “survival”.


Simple. You see things one way, another sees them a different way. Something that catches their eyes can be the different between an uneventful journey and a humorous story you’ll be retelling the rest of your life.


You’re more likely to stick with a travel plan if others are counting on you to go with them. As a corollary, of course, you don’t have as much flexibility.

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