Ten Comparable Costs of Travel

September 29, 2015

I’ve talked about my attempts to cut down on expenses, but it’s important to understand why every dollar counts when you travel. It’s easy enough to think that you should just save money whenever possible, but why? What could that money get you when you’re out there? Here are some examples to put things in perspective. You might be able to understand the currency exchange rates, but it’s difficult to think about what money can do for you at home versus on the road.

1. A $70 massage every month for a year


= buying a ticket to Manila and getting one on the beach for 300 php

2. An average night out at a pub for a burger and two drinks ($30)


= a bus ticket from Istanbul to Sofia (90 TL)

3. One drink at Starbucks ($4)


= two full meals in Thailand (45-50 Baht each)

4. Renting a studio apartment in Seattle for one month ($1000)


= a plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world

5. Visiting your doctor and buying medication when you haven’t met your deductible ($300)


= visiting a doctor and buying medication in South Korea 5-10 times

6. Filling your car with gas and paying for insurance every month ($250)


= renting an apartment or room for a month in Peru

7. Buying a roundtrip plane ticket in the US ($200-300)


= taking the shinkansen from Tokyo to Fukuoka in five hours

8. Blowing $400 in Las Vegas


= 100 servings of sausage and mulled wine on the streets of Prague

9. Taking a train from San Francisco to San Jose ($10.75)


= taking the train anywhere in Munich

10. Buying a pair of Levi’s jeans ($100)

Corinth Canal

= renting a car for two days in Greece to explore Peloponnese

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