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How I’ve Lost Friends as an Adult

December 7, 2018

After you leave college, life will literally never be the same again; never in your life – yes, even if you go back to grad school – will you be surrounded by a group of people from different backgrounds who are not only open to developing new friendships but in fact have the time...
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Most Dreamers Don’t Succeed

October 11, 2017

A splash of cold water right in the face to anyone who thinks they're going to be a moviestar, an Instagram model, or the next big sensation in any field.
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5 Jobs I Just Won’t Do

March 25, 2016
5 Jobs I Just Won’t Do

Searching for my passion has reached a process of elimination. A lot of people out there – friends, family, readers – are quick to toss suggestions my way when I mention feeling directionless. Although I value everyone’s input, it’s a little condescending. Not because I don’t believe you’ve given the idea of what I...
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