Super Sento in Hiroshima

August 4, 2009

Yamato No Yu

This super sento is conveniently located between the Mazda (マツダ) and Delta offices, making it a prime target for Japanese businessmen finishing a long day of work.

Although it is not fed by a natural hot spring (as far as I know), this bathhouse is still quite the place to relax – rotenburo (outdoor baths), massage chairs, a full vending machine cafeteria…

This is not the place for tourists. Know your Japanese bathing etiquette, and be prepared to read plenty of kanji. If you just want a quick in-and-out, the bath costs ¥600 (the top left button on the vending machine).

This is not some small old neighborhood sento, but rather a luxurious spa-type sento that is quite the perk for those living in the area. Enjoy.

Location of Yamato No Yu

Take the Sanyo or Kure line east to Mukainada Station (about 7 minutes from Hiroshima)

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