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You’ve just spent a rigorous sixteen hours getting through customs and immigration after the newly-discovered “cat flu” was found onboard your aircraft, and you are patient zero; don’t worry though, you’ll make a full recovery. In any case, now that you have your freedom, why not see what this new land offers in the way of running trails? Know some old tricks to identify the best places to tear up the road?

Public Parks – particularly those with a body of water. It might be difficult to plot a course in the middle of the downtown area of a foreign city, but most of these urban areas contain at least one decent sized park. And where there are people, there are sure to be runners.

Gmaps Pedometer – this website will allow you to calculate the distance across any surface anywhere on the planet. Google Maps isn’t bad, but Gmaps gives you more choices like changing the unit of measurement, and whether to follow a road or “as the crow flies.”

NOTE: I’ll be adding detailed running maps from my time abroad on a parallel site in the somewhat-near future. For now, if you need any suggestions regarding trails on the road, email me or check out Run The Planet.

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