Recommended Reading

Once a Runner, John L. Parker, Jr.
A great story of running at the collegiate level, and just what it takes to be a true runner: the stamina, the diet, the mentality. Parker describes it better than any author I know. A work of fiction, but loosely drawn from running events in Parker’s life.

Again to Carthage, John L. Parker, Jr.
Parker strikes again, but this time focuses on the 30-something runner who draws on the power of youth to try out for the US Olympics Marathon Team. A great story about long distance training and just how your age affects your running mentality. I could do without the frequent flashbacks, though.

Born to Run, Christopher McDougall
You’ve probably heard of this one by now. A man asks his doctor “why should my foot hurt from running?” This spawns a quest for the answer, taking him into the world of the ultras (ultramarathon runners) and a tribe in Mexico, the Tarahumara, for whom running is a way of life. Will definitely change the way you think of physical activity.

Race Narratives

Austin Freescale Marathon, February 2005
I know you all wonder why people do this to themselves. The truth is every runner, at every marathon, in the history of time has questioned his sanity as the gun goes off… read more

Boston Marathon, April 2006
I don’t know why I kept going. “Gotta keep breathing, stay alive…” may have floated through my head at one point. I’ll tell you, though, despite the pain, I couldn’t help admire one sign a group of girls had made saying “Chuck Norris wouldn’t stop.” That was funny. Thank you Chuck Norris, thank you for Boston… read more

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