Planning to Visit Lanzarote

August 31, 2016

I’ve got a big round the world trip planned. So far, the plan is to fly into China, take the train down to Hong Kong, fly into Cambodia, jump on a bus to Thailand, and then swoop over to Dubai via Jordan.

However, my schedule after the Middle East is open, and rather than go through mainland Europe I’ve been searching for an island escape different to the type you tend to see in the Philippines.

”Lanzarote” by Canary Islands Photos, used under Creative Commons license

After much research, I have a possible destination: Lanzarote.

Why travel to Lanzarote?

Lately, islands in the Atlantic have been catching my eye. I’d like to try a different kind of travel experience, as well as immersing myself in some of the experiences we’ve come to expect of Lanzarote: great food, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful beaches. I’ve visited volcanic islands in the south of Japan, but Lanzarote is so much larger and has a more diverse ecosystem. One of the main attractions, Timanfaya National Park, was even featured in an episode of Doctor Who:

As part of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is within easy access to the rest of Europe and there are plenty of flights available. I could certainly use a more liberating experience after a week in Dubai.

What to do on Lanzarote

The island has several interesting features. There’s the beach, of course, and their waters are clear enough for you to see almost as much if you go snorkelling them as you would if you were to go scuba diving.

For me, however, the most appealing aspect by far, would be visiting the spot on the sands of Timanfaya National Park where the TARDIS once stood.

Timanfaya National Park 5
”Timanfaya National Park 5” by Son of Groucho, used under Creative Commons license

Since the island belongs to Spain, a trip to Lanzarote would mean a new stamp in my passport. Overall, I’d be interested in a Spanish experience before finishing my trip. The last time that happened I ended up in Peru and Costa Rica, but I’ve never seen former Spanish colonies in Africa or Spanish territories in Europe up close.

I’m really looking forward to the trip. I’m expecting my time in Lanzarote to be both affordable and energizing, which I’m sure it will be.

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