Pizza and Hamburgers

June 17, 2011

Bibimbap Burger @ Social Eatz

One of the biggest food complaints you hear from foreigners in Korea is ALWAYS over pizza, unless they happen to be completely stubborn about their diets and won’t even try Korean food… big mistake. But the controversy over pizza is due to the different toppings and recipes; the pie often has potato substituted for tomato sauce, subpar cheese, and generally toppings like bulgogi, chicken, fish, sometimes even octopus. Waygooks see this as a subversion of their favorite childhood food, naturally.

But, news flash: restaurants in foreign countries do the exact same thing. Take the recent winner of the Greatest Burger in America competition, the bibimbap burger from New York City’s Social Eatz. Wish I could try it, but I’ll have to stick with buying bibimbap and throwing in a Pizza A+ homemade hamburger.

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