Once A Traveler in 2015

January 2, 2015


Where’s my hoverboard? Back to the Future did prophesize Google Glass, but I’m still waiting for my flying shoes that allow me to go on long runs in the air (think of the reduction in impact on everyone’s knees!)

Another year come and gone. I admit I didn’t blog as often in 2014 as I would have liked, nor did I complete my book. In fact, it’s fair to say I don’t market this site as well as I should. I have just as much quality content as others, but because I don’t put in the effort to hire someone who can tweak things a bit to get me a higher hit count and attract advertisers, I remain pretty stagnant, working outside the Internet.

Nevertheless, I’m still happy. This year started out a little rocky with me flying into South Korea without a plan. Fortunately, I had friends in country for whom I could housesit, a temporary job that I thought had fallen through ended up taking me on for a month, and a friend of a friend gave me a two-week assignment to do some market research in the Philippines. Not bad, eh?

From there, it gets a little weird. I flew back into San Francisco to start a contract marketing position. I thought I would gain a little more stability, but high rent coupled with the need to travel for my job meant I never really got a secure place where I could buy furniture, cook for myself, and feel like I was home. My only escape between April and November, other than brief trips around California, was to Lake Louise for a few days of hiking and catching up with some Canadian friends.

When my contract was fulfilled (with the promise of another next year), I escaped to Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in the redwoods for a technology fast and to reflect on this year.

If I’m being perfectly honest with myself, I didn’t feel particularly ambitious this year, because I was more focused on forming connections than satisfying my own aspirations. If I could have one goal for 2015, it would be to find a better balance for my ambitions. I need to put in the work on my book while it’s still relevant to my life; I’ve had many writing ideas fall through the cracks by putting them off for too long.

While I’m doing that, however, I have some travel plans already set in motion. In a few days I’ll be seeing Hawaii for the first time. From there, I cashed in on a US Airways mileage special to get a roundtrip ticket to Europe for 30,000 miles (and from Honolulu, that’s a really good deal); I’ll fly into London and stay with a friend for a week before taking a Eurostar train into Paris for the first time.

I should mention I’ve been seeing a flight attendant off and on for a few months now. I hesitate to name her airline or any other details, but I may write up a blog on what the experience has been like so far. Although we don’t get to see each other often, when we are together, I’m happy. Our next rendezvous is in France (appropriate word usage here).

Other than a short trip back in 2012, this will be my first time in Europe as an adult, and my first time back in the UK since 1993; I looked, and I still have some pence and pounds from that family vacation. Back then, my biggest bit of culture shock was seeing Coca Cola cans in mL and different shapes. This time, I’m curious what modern London will throw at me.

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