New Sieve List for 2017

November 29, 2016

I call it a sieve list because things keep leaking out, despite my best intentions (I mean, I made a list, after all). First, let’s look at my list for 2016:

1. Take a yoga class
2. Try performing some standup comedy
3. Write at least a few chapters of my book
4. Focus on paying off my credit card debt completely
5. Talk to the most intimidating person (in my mind, anyway) I see in a public setting
6. Wear a suit or tuxedo out on the town, for no particular reason
7. Run another marathon in a foreign country barefoot
8. Find my own way of being charitable, e.g. unexpectedly give someone a $100 tip
9. Find a way to be more politically active, whether that means volunteering during election time or getting involved myself
10. Get into a fight, whether that means training in a boxing ring or punching someone deserving
11. Learn French
12. Visit Yosemite or Yellowstone

I’m sad to report that few if any of these were checked off this year. I did take a yoga class in Bali and made an effort to explore the standup scene in San Francisco, but never got the chance to perform. My book remains in about the same state due to me picking up additional remote work. My credit card debt is still crippling. I guess #5 and #6 were kind of silly ideas (could have combined them), but I never had the occasion to wear a tux.

Number seven is probably my biggest regret. I spent months training for the Beat The Blerch marathon in Seattle in September, only to get injured two weeks before the big day; I did manage to add a notch to my belt for a particularly hilly half in San Francisco, though.

There’s still time for number eight, despite my limited funds.

The election has made activists out of all Americans, and I wish I were stateside to help. Trump deserves to be humiliated and tossed out like the garbage he is. Standing Rock needs our support. I’ll arrive well after the December 5th deadline for the latter, and the December 19th electoral vote for the former. We’ll see what unfolds from Sri Lanka. It might be best to combine #9 and #10, because Trump supporters don’t deserve sympathy or understanding.

I picked up a little Balinese for my three weeks on the island, but my French is still sorely lacking.

In short, 2016 wasn’t the best year for me and many others. Here’s what I have in mind for 2017:

1. Try performing some standup comedy
2. Focus on paying off my credit card debt completely
3. Finish a sub-three hour marathon
4. Do everything possible to undermine Trump and his supporters, though hopefully he should be arrested or forcibly removed before January 20th.
5. Go camping at Yosemite
6. Find steady work, in the US or abroad

Notice anything conspicuously absent? I don’t have any major destination in mind for next year. I’m currently in Dubai and enjoying a few months working remotely, but it’s been tiring; my fitness level and social life have suffered. If it weren’t for the holidays, I probably wouldn’t be going back to the US so soon, but once again, I’m not sure where I’m headed.

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