My Deadly Sin of Choice

November 12, 2009

Gluttony. It isn’t necessarily restricted to the delights of chocolate, sugar, sweets, spices, and savory. Rather, this particular sin focuses on the carnal pleasures of all experiences.

I know, I know: you’d think by this point, my studies on Buddhism would have alerted me to the fact that the path to enlightenment and true happiness lies not in indulging in sensual pleasure or depriving yourself to the point of an ascetic, but rather finding the middle path. Well, it has… but it has yet to hit home for me.

“GLUTTONY (Seven Deadly Sins)”, Eloquence and Decadence
GLUTTONY (Seven Deadly Sins), Eloquence and Decadence

I understand the Buddhist reasoning behind this belief, I really do, but the thing is… well…

I like the thrill of doubling down on an 8 when the dealer is showing a 7 and hoping for that 10 card. I like throwing my last $20 on the table; when you’ve got nothing to lose, why not risk it to gain everything?

I like meeting lonely hearts on foreign streets and finding comfort in another’s arms.

I like skydiving.

I like sticking my head underneath a chocolate fountain and sucking down the tasty goodness until my heart explodes.

I like the runner’s high, the pain in my legs following a long run, the wind tearing across my face, loading with carbs before and after a race.

I like stripping off my clothes and sliding into a Japanese hot springs on a cold winter morning, appreciating the warmth of the water.

I like biting into a thick juicy steak, even when I know that much meat isn’t necessary for survival.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

I like bleeding to feel alive.

I like the fact I can feel the cold of winter, the heat of summer, smell the scents of spring, see the leaves of autumn.

I like listening to rock, harp music, wind whistling, karaoke; music that is meant to be touched and tasted, not just heard.

I like to stop and smell the roses.

Gluttony, avarice, wrath, sloth, lust, pride, envy… which is most prominent in you?

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