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February 23, 2016

Back in the land of open spaces, sandy beaches, sunny skies, and inconvenient public transportation! I love everything about it, with the exception of the last. I suppose you can technically get anywhere you want in the Greater Los Angeles Area by bus and train, as long as you’re willing to accept it will take 2-3 hours. As I’m not tied to any particular job at the moment, I don’t get too frustrated with train delays or when buses just don’t show up… for the most part. Our country is divided not by city, but by three distinct regions: east coast, west coast, and everything in between (coming from a Texan).

It’s not as though Boston, DC, and New York are the same cities. Far from it. But consider that each of them emit unique east coast pheromones designed to attract those comfortable with long winters, dressing to the 9s to go to dinner, and growing accustomed to people just randomly yelling swear words on the sidewalk. Granted, people do that on the west coast too, but more often than not it’s due to mental illness – in New York City, they’re just angry that something isn’t happening fast enough.

Someone told me that the income equality is more obvious in east coast cities, with men in thousand-dollar suits consorting with those in paint-stained overalls. I suppose to an extent this is true, but I happen to think this is something uniquely American: the rich can’t escape scrutiny, and their services – restaurants, cafes, car dealerships – are just as accessible to the everyman, physically if not financially.

Nevertheless, I find life on the west coast more invigorating. The sun is constantly shining; there are wide open spaces even in a city like LA, and there are generally healthier options for food… albeit at a cost.

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