I Found a Sword!

February 29, 2012

The Knight and his Sword

I navigated the currents of the Great Material Continuum this morning and came up with… a sword!

This is definitely one of the most random and fortunate things to happen to me in such a small time. I was running to Candlestick Park as I always do midmorning, hoping to build my mileage and eventually get up to fighting form. The route back is pretty deserted, but I’ve noticed many people tend to use it as a dumping ground: a woman’s purse, an entire bedroom set, even a bucket of snow crabs (no one bothered to pick these up for weeks).

This morning, I found an entire folding table blocking my path home. Curious, I stopped and leaned in for a closer look, hoping to find buried treasure. How right I was: in front of me was a leather-bound hilt to what was clearly a long sword. I managed to pull it out from under the table and examined it. Clearly, this wasn’t just a piece of junk; it was dull, but not that dull. The blade was over three feet long, the hilt bound well. I couldn’t resist; I held it in my right hand and stretched my arm to the heavens a la Braveheart.

Apparently holding a fine sword in such a fashion attracts attention, because no sooner had I lifted the blade than a recycling truck pulled over and asked: “Is it steel?”

Based on the weight, I was sure it was decent steel. The man offered me five dollars for the piece, which I was happy to accept. I did have to decline his offer to sell me a pair of Air Jordans. Although I was tempted to keep the blade for myself, I tried to envision how it would look to the community: me, still in running clothes, dashing down the street of a crowded urban area with a sword in my hand. “Let’s go slay some orcs!”

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