How to Make Money Streaming Videos Online

February 28, 2017

As a freelancer, I’ve worked a variety of jobs both at home and abroad. Usually when I’m based in San Francisco, I tend to focus on gigs that require me to be on site, e.g. brand ambassador, moving helper. However, I also try to use my time in the states to build a network of clients for online writing work. Although I generally prefer to stick with editing content and writing my own pieces, I’ve been try to expand my repertoire to include more creative endeavors: photography, videography.


With YouTube taking a turn many would argue for the worse for many professionals, I’ve been reluctant to jump back into the platform, putting all my energy into videos that may or may not produce income in the long term.

One idea that has been becoming extremely popular among Bay Area startups and travel bloggers is selling videos online, whether they’re instruction courses for cooking, deciding on the best bottle of wine, or learning a new trade like real estate. Journee TV is a good example of one of these video course platforms, providing videos on demand for a variety of topics.

I wonder… is it possible to gain a following doing this abroad? Providing instructional videos for newbies to Japan trying to understand how to buy a ticket in the train station, order in a restaurant, and introduce themselves? This is more than simply a language barrier; video courses to help understand cultural differences are in high demand, even with the massive information available online.

I’ll be trying to break into this market through a new site called Uscreen. So far, the platform isn’t particularly well set up for travel content, but there is room to upload and sell videos labeled as educational or entertainment.

Any opportunity to get more income while I’m in Japan would be welcome. Not everyone can survive on ~250,000 yen/month.

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