Gift Giving

July 10, 2011

One aspect of Korean cultural that I particular enjoy is its practicality when it comes to gift giving. Just like back home, there are certain gifts that are more appropriate for given occasions, i.e. registries v. cash for weddings. Because I’m the kind of person who likes to eliminate the junk in his life, I think I prefer the Korean way. Whenever I received a gift from my parents that I knew I would never use, and didn’t want to keep it in my apartment, I either chucked it or returned it.

In Korea, it’s doubtful I’d ever need to do that. Cash is given to happy couples at weddings. Clothing on certain birthdays. Specially-packaged food like sesame seed oil for family gatherings. Toilet paper or tissues for a housewarming party. There’s so little waste, and things don’t simply pile up in some forgotten cupboard until spring cleaning.

One Response to Gift Giving

  1. noe on July 18, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    I learned the hard way about gift giving, they can take things quite personal if you don’t give a gift.

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