Finding Thanksgiving Turkey in South Korea

November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Turkey

Many thanks to Danni Shtraus on Couchsurfing for posting this information to the Seoul forum.

Dining Out Options

1. Where: Chef Meili’s in Itaewon
When: Thursday, Friday evenings; Saturday, Sunday all day
Price: ₩35,000
Contact:, 02-794-7024

2. Where: Grand Hyatt Seoul’s Paris
When: Thanksgiving Day, 6 – 11 PM
Price: ₩110,000 + tax
Contact:, 02-799-8161 ext. 2

3. Where: Hilton Seoul Hotel’s Buffet Restaurant
When: Thanksgiving Day, 6 PM
Price: ₩70,000
Contact:, 02-2287-8271 (2 days’ notice required)

4. Where: Hilton Seoul Hotel’s Alpine Deli
When: Through December 31st
Price: ~₩195,000
Contact:, 02-2287-8271 (2 days’ notice required)

5. Where: Suji’s Famous Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet in Itaewon
When: Thanksgiving Day, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, 8 – 11 PM.
Price: ₩45,000 – W50,000
Contact: 02-797-3698 (reservations required)

6. Where: O’ngo Culinary School in Insadong
When: Thankgiving Day, 3 – 7 PM
Price: ₩30,000
Contact:, 02-3446-1607 (RSVP required)

Dining in Options

1. Where: John Cook (Seoul, Ilsan, Bundang)
Price: Precooked turkey with cranberry sauce for ₩99,800. Uncooked turkey for ₩69,800
Contact:, 02-578-6045 (must place order 3 days in advance)

2. Where:Haddon House Market in Itaewon
Price: ₩70,000 – 90,000
Contact: 02-794-0511

3. Where: Hannam Market in Itaewon
Contact: 02-702-3313

4. Where: Costco (Seoul, Daegu, Daejeon, Ilsan, Busan)
When: It’s a frozen turkey; give yourself enough time to let it thaw.

5. Where: EZ Shop Korea (online)
When: Delivery is prompt

6. Where: Dragon Hill Lodge in Itaewon
What: Your choice of turkey, ham, or a combination of turkey and ham, including mashed potatoes, turkey gravy or bourbon raisin sauce, beans almondine, dinner rolls, and pumpkin pie
Price: ~₩100,000
Contact:, 02-738-2222 ext. 6716

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