Breaking Point: Health

March 1, 2013

I’m nearing the breaking point of being uninsured. As those of you who have been following my progress know, I’ve been adhering to the Tim Ferriss method in terms of a diet and lifestyle for the last several months: eat very conservatively six days a week, then spike your caloric intake on the seventh. The effect is supposed to be significant weight loss. Well, I won’t deny that doing this for months has kept my weight down, but it’s also taken its toll. I’m pretty miserable when I’m hungry, and going for six days a week on little else but chicken and brown rice wasn’t exactly my ideal lifestyle.

I’ve since abandoned this diet, and resumed a steady diet of sandwiches, Thai food, chocolate, root beer, cookies, and everything else for which life is worth living. I will say I haven’t felt very drained since this shift, and my body seems to have adapted to the increased number of calories rather quickly: I get hungrier more often. The main reason I wanted off it was I wasn’t seeing the results I had been hoping for: sure, I was down to 170 pounds, but I felt pretty much the same I had when I was running regularly. The plan didn’t help me get a six pack or make me leaner. That was all exercise.

I’ve been increasing my running distance, now going over 30 miles weekly. All in Vibram Fivefingers. My right Achilles is getting really tight, something that has never happened before. I’m worried about permanent injury, but my running is the only kind of exercise I get. Without it, what am I? Hopefully, the higher mileage will offset the change in diet.

My teeth are in desperate need of a professional cleaning (last one in Korea in 2011). I doubt I have any cavities, but without dental coverage, I’d be forced to pay at least $350 for a cleaning with the associated x-rays… that’s what’s screwing me over. Dentists are required to check x-rays, not just oblige a patient’s request for a simple cleaning.

So, what do I have? Potentially bad teeth, an ankle that should be examined, and a diet with a lot of sugar. If I hadn’t come across an over-the-counter solution for my eczema, I’d be in a pretty bad bind. As it stands, I really want to find that full-time job with benefits to reap medical and dental coverage. It’s sad to think I live in country in which people in prison receive more healthcare than I do. While I’m not likely to rob a bank, I can’t afford to spend several hundred dollars a month on coverage that really wouldn’t help me in the event of a major medical emergency. The only solution is the job. Working on it.

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