Travel Experience

North America–>United States–>Alaska–>Kenai Peninsula

Gwin’s Lodge: I spent a summer working as the graveyard shift store manager at a fishing lodge in Cooper Landing, Alaska, awaking to see green mountains and smell fresh air… my morning runs took me to the Russian River Falls, where I was nearly shot for imitating the sounds of an approaching bear.


Latin in Rome Program: In 2000, I ventured out of my home country for the longest time up to that date to study Latin amongst the ruins of the Roman forum, the dilapidated structures of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and in the classrooms of the local University of Dallas campus.


The AEON Corporation: Your standard-issue “foreigner fresh out of water” experience. My first time to really try working and living on my own terms, and I chose to sign up for a year’s contract with one of the English conversation schools just east of Hiroshima. Overall, I enjoyed many of the highlights from that year, but took issue with most of the tactics my branch manager used to increase sales and pursue new students.

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories: I worked as a translator/proofreader/international liaison down in Kagoshima, the Naples of Japan. Although the job was a typical 9-to-5, I loved the area; a hot springs five minutes’ walk from my apartment, and easy access to remote southern islands.

Asia–>Thailand–>Phang Nga–>Thai Muang

Thai Mueang Volunteers: Volunteering in underfunded government schools in southern Thailand. I worked with children from grades 1-6, and adults on a freelance basis. Great opportunity to learn about a foreign educational system and acclimate to the culture in a small town.

Oceania–>New Zealand–>Bombay

Vimutti Buddhist Monastery: Worked as the caretaker of a traditional Theravada Buddhist monastery in the backwoods of New Zealand for three months. Agriculture, animal care, landscaping, environment science, and construction were just some of my duties. The area was an amazing learning environment for people from a variety of backgrounds.

North America–>Haiti–>Fond Parisien

Unfortunately I can’t go into specifics due to a non-disclosure agreement, but I can tell you I helped with rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

Asia–>South Korea–>Bugu

ECY Language School: Currently working as an English instructor in a small town on the east coast of Korea.

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