I’m a vagabond at heart, not so much for the travel itself, but what it does to me; travel makes you uncomfortable in so many ways that your body and mind are forced to adapt to new circumstances with each passing day. Overall, I believe this makes wanderers people of high quality, and runners the best travelers of all.

When I am settled in one particular place, I always seek out the best trails to run, the closest hot springs, and the most delicious Japanese restaurants. Feel free to email me at turner[at]onceatraveler.com.

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Some of the crazy things I’ve done abroad…

  • Pull an 80-pound halibut from under 200 feet of sea water in the predawn hours near Homer, Alaska.
  • Run a half marathon after hitchhiking 500 km to Nagasaki, Japan
  • Skydive in view of Mt. Doom in Taupo, New Zealand
  • Swim with the sharks in the blue waters surrounding Kou Tao, Thailand
  • Cycle down to the southernmost point in mainland Japan, Cape Sata
  • Enjoy fresh durian and super spicy food on Thai Muang Beach just two hours after landing in Phuket
  • Spend an entire New Zealand summer gradually losing my money in their fine casinos, then winning it all back the night before I leave
  • Pretend I’ve been Canadian, a Kiwi, British, and Japanese (but not in Japan)
  • I still have a strange desire to bite into a roasted black scorpion on the streets of Bangkok… call it poetic justice


Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering, May 2005
The University of Texas at Austin

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